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Our History

In the 1980’s the National Centers for Disease Control and Prevention labeled alcohol and other drug abuse as our nation’s number one health problem. In communities throughout Indiana, Hoosiers also became aware that alcohol and other drug issues were not only a national problem but also a local problem. In the 1980’s, Hoosiers also grew frustrated with the apparent ineffectiveness of traditional means to solve the growing problems of alcohol and other drugs. The cooperation necessary to meet the challenge seemed prohibitive within the existing structures.

In 1989, then Governor Evan Bayh established the Governor’s Commission for a Drug-Free Indiana within the Criminal Justice Institute. This new commission’s purpose was to lead Indiana’s fight against alcohol and other drugs. That same year 92 Local Coordinating Councils (LCC) were formed. Each county has its own LCC- ours is the Elkhart County Drug-Free Partnership.

The LCC’s were tasked with developing comprehensive local plans and mobilizing their community. In order to implement this work, the Drug-Free Community Fund (DFCF) was established. This fund was established in each county to support comprehensive local substance use recovery and prevention initiatives by supplementing local funding for treatment, intervention, prevention, education, and criminal justice services and activities.

The Elkhart County Drug-Free Partnership was championed by local leaders from prevention, treatment, and criminal justice. We thank the early adopters for their leadership and support, including Donna VanHorn, Joseph Brown, Jim Starkey, Jan Noble, Sr., and many others.

What We Do

Lunch & Learns

Every EVEN month, on the FIRST Monday, we provide a FREE Lunch & Learn to the public and members. Topics are related to current alcohol and other drug subject matters.


The Partnership offers a unique opportunity for the public, law enforcement, treatment professionals, and those working in prevention to gather and connect.

Grant Funding

The Partnership has provided millions of dollars in funding in the areas of treatment, criminal justice, and prevention. 

Our Mission & Approach

The Elkhart County Drug-Free Partnership believes in tackling the problem of drug abuse and misuse by bringing prevention, treatment, and criminal justice together. Every small success results in a ripple effect that changes habits and perceptions regarding the impact of drug use in Elkhart County. 


We exist to bring stakeholders together in a voluntary effort to reduce the prevalence of substance misuse and other unhealthy behaviors.  We fulfill this mission through efforts in prevention, treatment, and criminal justice.

Our Board of Directors

Rich Brewton

Rich Brewton

Board Chair

Elkhart County Prosecutor’s Office
Chief Investigator

Jan Noble

Jan Noble

Vice Chair/Treasurer

Addiction Recovery Center

Meg Waddell

Meg Waddell


First Federal Savings Bank
Regional Mortgage Manager

Jess Koscher

Jess Koscher

Executive Director

The Partnership’s Board of Directors are  committed group of professional volunteers who are elected by the general membership. Board elections occur at the December meeting. Each board member serves up to 2 two-year terms unless serving as a special appointment. 

  • Teresa DeMauro, Goodwill Industries of Michiana
  • Shelly Hoefle, Center for Problem Resolution
  • Dana Hollar, Goshen Police Department
  • Brian Holloman, Elkhart County Sheriff’s Office
  • Shelby Leach, Berkshire Hathaway
  • Anthony Powell, Goshen Fire Department
  • Jeff Siegel, Elkhart County Sheriff’s Office
  • Carrie Zickefoose, SPA Ministry