Where prevention, treatment and criminal justice work together.

The Elkhart County Drug-Free Partnership exists to bring stakeholders together in a voluntary effort to reduce the prevalence of substance misuse and other unhealthy behaviors.

This mission is fulfilled through efforts in prevention, treatment and criminal justice.


The Partnership aims to keep the general public informed about current issues surrounding drug abuse, including treatment and prevention.

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The Partnership actively educates the community about current issues through a series of Lunch & Learn events with expert speakers or panel discussions.

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Each year, the Partnership provides grant opportunities for organizations that work locally in the area of prevention, treatment and criminal justice.
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Our Priorities

Members of the Elkhart County Drug-Free Partnership have established four problems currently affecting the population of Elkhart County related to drug abuse and treatment. Those problems are outlined in the Comprehensive Community Plan and guide the Partnership’s work and funding each year.

Download the Comprehensive Community Action Plan